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Adopt an Animal from NYC ACC

Begin here to save an animal on death row. Time is critical. This will guide you efficiently through the ACC’s process.


The easiest and best way to adopt a NYC shelter animal is to go to the shelter and adopt direct. The ACC has two areas on its website where the public can start the direct adoption process.

If you cannot foster or adopt one of these animals directly from the ACC, then per NYC ACC rules, you must work with a rescue group that is an approved New Hope Partner. For animals on the TBD list, most rescues prefer someone local (Tri-State/New England/PA/VA areas) because time is of the essence and home visits are often required by the rescue groups.

Whatever your situation, PLEASE BEGIN HERE. We will guide you through the process. Thank you for trying to save a NYC shelter animal.


important If you are long distance and you are unable to go to the shelter in person, then you will not be able to adopt from the To Be Destroyed list and you will need to work with two rescue groups – one here and one in your area who can do a home visit and vouch for you. Please try to save an animal on the Urgents or Super Urgents list in that case.

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